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Suggested reading for Newbies

Tips for Newbies General Here

Tips for Newbies Guys Here

It's not compulsory reading, but it all helps!

Allycatz Party Club No Pressure Sunday Evenings are from 10pm until 3am a Mixed Event for Single Guys ,Couples & Single Ladies

Allycatz Party Club is not a - pay for ! Sex party,

Swingers Clubs have in the main made life easier Giving the ability to attend and simply choose their Playmates makes for an exciting time with little chance of being disappointed, and yes many clubs offer greedy girls nights, but we have decided to dedicate Sundays to the Allycatz Party Club

We have chosen to form the club keeping membership and contributions sensibly in touch we will maintain a strict membership criteria and implement guide lines and rules which must be strictly observed by all attendees for the benefits of all players

A safe sexy environment ambient erotic surroundings the lighting has been specifically designed for the comforts of women and all of our play areas are clean and inviting remain that way throughout our evenings. Our play rooms are fun and erotic so you can use your imaginations to create your own fantasy scenarios within


FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a member to get in?

A: Yes. Our Club is a Private Members club, Everyone is welcome but Membership is Required.

Q: Is there a smoking area?

A:Yes It's located outside .

Q: Can I bring a camera?

A: No Photos No Mobile Phones No Filming

Q: Im a single guy am I welcome at these Parties?

A: Polite Single Males who are Dressed Neat / Tidy and understand the meaning of "NO" are very welcome

Q: Do we have to participate, can we just watch?

A:You may attend as many times as you wish to watch or sit and chat you are never under any obligation to do anything

Q: My Girl likes to choose guys individually she has a penchant for certain types of guys,will this be a problem will other guys she doesnt choose take offence?

A:Certainly not it is always ladies choice if anyone gets offended or takes offense at your ladies freedom of choice ,they will be asked to leave.

Q: We are a couple and we noticed we get Free entry, does that mean we have to play?

ALSO can I participate if my lady friend does not want too ?

A:If you join as a couple, there is an obligation for you to behave as a couple, participation is entirely up to you,

However as a couple the male can not participate, if the female does not wish too, such practices clearly identifies the male as a "ticket", a "ticket" is a person usually male who gains entry free, or at a reduced cost to avoid single male contributions.

The Rules and policies are strict and enforced, Ticket Males are NOT welcome at our events.

Q: Having never been before - is it a 'hands-on' event?

A:No. Ask before you touch. we have Zero tolerance to any unwanted touching or attention No Means No

Q: Your website says I can bring my own alcohol, can I drink all that I bring is there a limit on how much I bring.?

A:Whilst we allow the consumption of your own alcohol we do not tolerate obnoxious or inconsiderate behaviour, by intoxicated persons,if our Bar staff feel you have had enough to drink you will be refused further alcohol at our discretion,If you disagree with our actions you will be given your Remaining Alcohol and asked to leave.

Q: Do I have to wear a Condom?

A:We suggest at all times that persons interacting sexually do so safely and sensibly,Condoms are available always,and we strongly recommend their use,however individuals are free to make their own Adult choices,regarding Condoms.

Q: Can my wife wear see thru outfits ,or fetish wear?

A:Yes of course Sexy people in Sexy surroundings,please both Males and Females make an effort with your dress and grooming.

Q: Are there cabs available towards the end?

A:Yes cabs are available all evening ask staff to organise one.

Q: It will be my first time. Can someone show me around?

A: Yes. If it's your first time or you're arriving on your own we have a Meet & Greet Service. You will get shown around and introduced if required


  • Standard Adult Etiquette and Rules Apply.
  • Always ask first!
  • NO means NO!
  • NO pressure - NO pestering. NO exceptions!

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  • Membership Applications Standard Application Conditions Apply Full ID is Required

  • UK Resident Single Guys : Each Visit is just - £25.00 .
  • ncludes Sunday Membership and Entry on the Night
  • Thereafter its - £25.00 per visit -
  • Tourists Welcome £35.00 per visit
  • New Member Couples interested in attending the Sunday Club events contribute Only - £30.00 -- Receive Lifetime Membership valid for All Venue Events includes Entry on the Night

  • Thereafter Couples Sundays Just £20.00 per couple

  • Single Females Contribution - £20.00 Includes Lifetime Venue Membership of All Venue Events and Entry on the night

    Thereafter Single Females Always FREE

    If you hold a valid Membership to - Ourplace4fun London then You can attend the Allycatz Party Club using your Venue Membership
  • Bring your own Alcohol
  • Neat Dress Required
  • Clean attire.
  • NO baseball caps /hats or hoods.
  • NO Trainers, NO Tee Shirts its Collared Shirts Only
  • LADIES must wear Dresses or Skirts or Sexy Attire
  • NO TrackSuits or Dirty clothes.

  • Guys use the Website or Email "NO phone info" Text Only No Calls 07986 303885

  • Couples and ladies may Call 07906 903262 No Text -No Voicemail

Allycatz Party Club Operators reserve the right to add or amend information at any time

" so please keep updated "

All images, designs & intellectual materials are © Allycatz Party Club London. All rights reserved.