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Slutty Ramblings

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*Alleycatz Sluts

One of the best things about being Slutty is that people expect you to wear red garters with a white dress & black shoes.

Red garters beneath a white dress, pantyhose without panties, stockings with a short dress so that they know I am wearing stockings, Black Bra in a see thru white blouse , Opaque Summer long dress with No panties or Bra,
Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 1

All this says that I know what I'm up to -- and that I know what they're up to -- and that's all OK, To a point,

Because I'm still the one who decides.

It doesn't matter how Cheap & Slutty folks may think I am -- I'm still what they crave.

Usually it's because I'm Cheap and Slutty and still keep them at bay that creates the craving.

Teasing with my body in pretty lingerie mesmerizes men into a hypnotic state.

Listen, men don't want it easy; they want it as hard as we do. *wink*

Using lingerie in a slow tease retains their interest & my power. I never, ever sleep in the nude when there's a man about -- I want him to want. He can remember me, but the access must be limited so that he is no longer content with just the memory.

I'm like candy -- icky & sticky the taste of me lingers, never goes away... They're addicted but I'm the dealer of this candy-ass-crack and they pay for it.

You just have no idea how hot it gets under a girl's dress sometimes...
Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 2

It feels lovely to have the wind pull & stroke my hair, but to have all that cool air circulating under there... Cool fingers brushing against my hot panties, my bare skin, Heaven!

* lingerie fetish* panties* garters & stockings* lingerie tease* tease & denial

You've seen her delicates hanging on the line to dry... Panties, garters, stockings waving in the breeze... And you've wondered about this Slutty girl...

You've sat outside, waiting & watching for me and every now & then -- just as you prayed for -- the wind has blown my dress up giving you a glimpse of me & my lingerie. A glimpse of stocking (or more) so shocking! Only it didn't last long enough for you to see every last detail...

Teasing with my body in pretty lingerie makes you weak. I control you -- you'll weaken and submit to my female charms -- and my kinky whims too. It doesn't matter how cheap & slutty folks may think I am -- I'm still what you crave.

Black Stockings & A Short Skirt At Work?! Hell yes, I'm a real Slut ! I don't care if you or my boss looks at me while I work -- even while I masturbate -- I'm still better than you! I Love to wear my Lingerie to Tease My my my, just what lingerie do I have on under here...

Those scarlet garters -- under a white dress yes! I am such a tease! There's just one rule: You must not touch, rub, or otherwise attempt to relieve yourself without my permission.

I control the shots here -- including your shots *wink* I love to describe what lingerie I am wearing -- in great detail -- teasing you, slowly... without mercy.

* The End of the Evening

Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 3

I kiss you good night outside my apartment door and say thank you for dinner. But you have other ideas. You push me back gently against the wall next to my apartment door and nuzzle my neck, murmuring in my ear "oh no, we're not done yet ...". I feel your hands slide down my arms and your fingers twine into mine, your lips brushing my ear and down my neck. It feels delicious and I shiver a bit, feeling a bit weak in the knees. Then you pull both of my hands up over my head and grasp them with one of yours, holding them firmly against the wall, while your other hand slides up my inner thigh under my short black skirt.


I glance up and down the hall, trying to squirm away, worried someone will see us but your hip presses mine against the wall and your hand tightens its grip on my hands, holding me pinned against the wall. "Spread your legs," you whisper in my ear. I try to shake my head no but I feel your hard cock through your trousers against my hip and a flood of wetness erupts in my pussy. As if they have a mind of their own, my legs spread apart and your hand roughly pulls up my skirt and pushes into my panties, invading my pussy.
Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 4

"Mmmmm, you're so wet ..." you murmur in my ear and I feel you press your cock harder against my hip. You kiss me, hard, your mouth slanting across mine and your tongue forces my lips open, invading my mouth like your finger invades my pussy.


Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 5

I feel two of your fingers push into my wet hole and your thumb presses on my clit as you start to finger fuck me. I can't move, I am pinned against the wall by your body and I am helpless as you continue to fuck my pussy with your hand, fuck my mouth with my tongue. I moan and I realize I no longer want to move. My hips start to buck against your hand but you take your hand out of my pussy and tear open my blouse, pulling my breasts out of my bra. Your mouth takes a nipple and sucks hard, biting on it while you unzip your pants. I can see your cock springing out of your trousers, hard and throbbing. Still pinning me against the wall, you put your feet inside of mine, roughly pushing them further apart so your cock can press against my dripping cunt, both hands now holding mine over my head. Your move your hips and your cock slides along my wet slit. You know I am now yours, you know I will do whatever your want.


You drop my hands and lift me up, impaling my cunt on your cock. I wrap my legs around your waist and your hips buck into me, fucking my wet pussy. My back is pressed against the wall and I hold my breasts for you to suck on, your hands under me, spreading me open for your cock pounding into me. You press your face into my neck and I hear your ragged breathing in my ears and your voice telling me to cum. You plunge your tongue into my mouth and I do cum, my hips thrashing, my pussy grinding into you. I try to scream but your mouth on mine silences me. I feel your hips tighten and you cum, exploding in my cunt, spewing thick hot cum into me.
Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Sluts 6


My pussy spasms around your cock and I feel you moaning in my mouth as my pussy grips your cock, milking the cum out of you, our mingled juices flowing down over your balls.
Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Sluts 7

I feel your legs shaking and I unwrap my legs from your waist, standing so you are no longer holding me up. But you still have me pressed against the wall, your shirt pressed against my bare breasts and your hands running up my arms. You kiss me, softly, pulling on my bottom lip with your teeth. Then you grin at me and whisper in my ear, "now let's go inside ...". I know the night is not over just yet. (credits Roxanne Smith)

*Sex on The Balcony

Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 8

I sit next to you on the balcony chair and I feel your fingers slide into my pussy, so wet already. They feel so good. I feel a rush of new wetness as your fingers press in. And when you feel the wetness, your cock throbs against my leg and I lean down and take you into my mouth. I want all of you in my mouth, all of you sliding into my mouth and down my throat. Your hips are rocking and I put my hands on your hips, keeping you slow but pulling your further into my mouth. I can feel the head hitting the back of my throat and slide my mouth further down, my lips meeting the base of your cock. I look up at you and I can see you looking down at me, watching me slide your cock in and out of my mouth. Your cock is so hard, it's so wet from my mouth – I want you inside my pussy so badly.


I can hear it in your voice that you want me – you want to fuck my pussy now. Your fingers have me so wet, so ready and I want you inside me. Your balls are already up high and tight and I give your beautiful cock one last long lick.

Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 9 </font></td></tr></table><br><!---end special title---> 
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* I pull your hand out of my pussy and lick your fingers, I love the taste of my pussy on your fingers, and I kiss you sharing the taste of your cock and my pussy in your mouth, feeling your tongue, your teeth, your sweet lips. I sink down, pulling you down with me. You suck my nipples, first one, then the other. Pulling them, teasing them with your teeth and your fingers. Your cock is so hard. I take hold of it and slide it up and down my wet slit, rubbing the head on my clit. My clit is so hard, my pussy lips are so swollen – I love the feel of you rubbing against me. I guide you into my pussy, I want you inside of me. I want you to push in, all the way – fill me up. I want to feel your balls on my ass. I wrap my legs around your waist and press you in further – holding you still for just a moment, loving the feel of you inside of me. I pull your body down so your weight is on top of me, your chest pressed into my tits. I feel your cock throb inside of me when I suck your tongue out of your mouth, running my hands down your back. When you start to move your hips, I move with you – our bodies moving together. I can feel your body hitting my clit, your balls hitting my ass and your beautiful cock driving inside of me, sliding through my wetness. I can feel my belly start to flutter ...
Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 10


I reach down with both hands and pull my pussy lips apart and I love the feeling of you pounding me balls deep. I'm rubbing my clit with one hand and squeezing your balls with the other, feeling them so full of cum. I know I'm going to cum soon but then you suddenly stop, your cock pulling out and I feel empty. But then you take control of me, turning me over, roughly grabbing my hips from the back and lifting me up on all fours, my ass in the air. You grab my ass cheeks with both hands, spreading me open and your cock drives into my pussy. I slam back into you, over and over and I am so close. I know you are too.

Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 11


You reach around underneath and find my clit, rubbing and pulling it. You grab my hair and pull my head back, slamming into me, rubbing my clit. I can feel my orgasm building and I can hear your voice, hoarse, "cum for me, cum ... come on cum for me ...". I know you are so close. You grab my hips, slam into me one last time and I feel your cock shooting inside of me and it's all I need and I cum with you, my cunt exploding along with your cock. We both collapse, you laying on my back, your cock still in my pussy and I can hear your ragged breathing in my ear, feel your sweaty chest pressing into my back ...

Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 12


*Red corset and garters, Red lace panties and Red fishnets

I don’t normally dress like a slut but I know he loves it when I do. So I dressed carefully in his favorite red corset and garters, red lace panties and red fishnets. Then I put on a simple but short black dress and black stiletto heels. I was meeting him at the movie theater. I drove there and parked, then went inside looking for him in the lobby. I saw him before he saw me and had to pleasure of seeing his face when he first saw me striding toward him. His eyes were locked onto me and he went absolutely still – just watching me.


Allycatz  Sunday Party Club Slut 13


“Hey babe,” I said as I came up to him. He said nothing but took my hand and led me back out of the theater to the parking lot. “Where’s your car?” he asked and just nodded when I pointed toward the car. We got in and he gave me directions, although did not tell me what our destination was and I was a bit surprised when we pulled into the parking lot of a rather seedy-looking motel.


“Wait here.” He went into the office and came out with a key, pulled me out of the car and led me down to a room which he unlocked. Flipping on the light, he pulled me into the room and closed and locked the door. He kisses me hard, pulling me against him and I feel his hard cock through his jeans against my mound. Then he suddenly pushes me away, down onto the bed and tears open the dress, the buttons flying everywhere. My breasts are bare above the corset and he hungrily sucks first one, then the other, my nipples hardening under his demanding mouth.


He stands up in front of me, undoes his jeans and lets them fall along with his boxers to the ground, his cock standing stiff and straight as he begins to stroke, watching me.


I shrug the remains of the dress off my shoulders and toss it down, then slowly unhook the garters, the red fishnets sliding slowly down one thigh, then the other. I reach behind me and unlace the corset, letting it fall a bit down onto my hips. I cup my breasts in my hands, pulling and twisting the nipples and I see his eyes watching my every movement. His hands are stroking his beautiful cock and the beads of precum make it shiny and slick. I slide the panties down and lay back on the bed, letting my knees fall to either side, the stockings bunched down around my ankles, around those black shiny heels he loves so much.


I slide one finger down my wet slit, just touching my sensitive clit. I am already so wet, so ready for him. I pull my pussy lips open and push two fingers up inside. My head rolls back – it feels so sweet. I hear him growl, he moves over me and in one motion, buries his cock into my wet cunt right up to his balls. I hear him moaning and I wrap my legs around his waist, the heels of my shoes pressing into his ass as he fucks my cunt, fast and deep. His mouth is on my tits, biting my nipples, biting my breasts. His hips buck into me and my nails are digging into his back. I hear his ragged voice against my ear whispering my name and I cum, my cunt exploding like lightning spears up through my body. The spasms in my pussy make him shoot rope after rope of sticky cum onto my slick walls as he slams his cock into my cunt.


He collapses onto me, both of us sweating and panting, his face buried in my neck, his cock still buried in my cunt. I don’t want to let it go and I press down on his hips with my heels, keeping him inside me. I want to stay just like this … Rox

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